CUTCO Cutlery at Discount

Welcome to Discount Quality Knives where our goal is to bring you the best quality CUTCO cutlery merchandise at reduced and discount prices. As most of you probably already know, Cutco cutlery is a perfect example of true quality. You might pay a little bit more for it than you would for the “Made in China” products at Wal-Mart, but your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!


A lifetime guarantee is worth its weight in gold. In fact, if I gathered up every product in my home with a lifetime guarantee, all I’d have to show you are my kitchen knives. This is truly rare these days. How often do you find a company that offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, produces a product you use every day, and is made in America? That, is hard to find in any company or product, and a few reasons why I like to reward them with my business. At any time you can send your damaged, chipped, bent or otherwise broken product back to them and they will either fix or replace the item and ship it back to you with very fast turn-around times.

You can get much more than just kitchen and dinner knives from them. Surprisingly, they carry a full line of lifetime guaranteed kitchenware including, flatware, cookware, knife blocks, cutting boards, pre-wrapped gift sets, garden tools and more. You can dig a little deeper by clicking on any of the images below to learn more:

More benefits of buying CUTCO

All of their products are made with the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel. This is how they can offer a lifetime guarantee on their products. The surgical steel gives their products the ability to hold an edge for an extremely long time. However, they stand behind the sharpness of their products the same as they do the quality. This means that at any time if your cutlery product loses it sharpness it can be sent back to the factory to be sharpened by them.

A unique ergonomic design advantage

You can feel the quality in every product they make. The ergonomic design of their non-slip handles provides the most comfort of any knife offered on the market. The design of their handles has been so successful that they have extended it to their flatware, cookware, and garden tool designs as well. This means that you will quickly come to associate comfort and quality with your new kitchen knives, making them a joy to use.

Buy cutlery gift sets for any occasion

Some people are impossible to buy for. However, this is a gift that anyone can appreciate. Male or female, young or old, chef or sportsman, the gift of quality cutlery is a winner every time. These gift sets ship in gift wrapped boxes to save you time, and with a lifetime guarantee, it’s a gift that will keep on giving forever.

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